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26th Annual Walleye Tournament The tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 26, 2021.  Due to Covid restrictions, only participants can attend.  A boxed lunch will be served and the Covid mandates will be enforced.  The deadline to enter is Wednesday, June 16.  You can click on the link below for complete information and the Entry Form.

Cedar Point Picnic Local 38 will not hold an actual picnic with a luncheon at the park this year but we are offering discounted tickets which you can purchase through Cedar Point’s website.  You can access the website by going to:  The UN is IBEW38 and the PW is ibew.  The discounted tickets are good for June 12, July 3, July 17, and August 7.  The ticket price, with tax, is $40.56.  Everybody 3 and older must have a ticket.

Old Timers Picnic  The Old Timers Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, August 7, 2021. This event is by invitation only and the invitations will be mailed out in July.  The Picnic will be held at Klima Gardens, 4646 East 71st St., Cuyahoga Heights, OH.

2021 Annual Scroll Party – The Scroll Party is scheduled for Saturday, September 25, 2021.  It will be held at Embassy Suites, 5800 Rockside Woods Blvd., Independence, OH.  This event is by invitation only and invitations will be mailed out the first of August.

Annual Christmas Party – We are working with Tri-C to schedule our annual Christmas Party on Sunday, December 12, 2021.  At this time they are not scheduling any external events that take place before July 1.  We will check back with them in July and see if they plan to resume external events and what restrictions they will have in place.

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