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Warm up with 20-25 pushups
Dumbell or barbell bench (3) sets of 12-15 reps
Dumbell or barbell incline bench (3) sets of 12-15 reps
Flys (3) sets of 12-15 reps


Squats (3) sets of 12-15 reps
Lunges (3) sets of 12-15
Calf Raises (3) sets of 12-15

Optional: Do the leg workout on monday by supersetting it with the chest workout, for example do (1)
set of benches and immediately do a set of squats. (REPEAT)


Tricep pushdowns (3) sets of 12-15
Dumbell or barbell curl  (3) sets of 12-15
Dumbell or EZ Bar (Lying Triceps Extention) (3) sets of 12-15
Hammer curls (3) sets of 12-15

Do this in supersets to save time.   Do (1) set of tricep pushdown without rest immediately do a set of curls.

Reverse curls (2) sets of 12-15
Between chair dips (2) sets of 12-15

(Back and Shoulders)

Pull downs (3) sets of 12-15
Military press (3) sets of 12-15
Bent row (3) sets of 12-15
Side raise (3) sets of 12-15

Superset these exercises to save time. If you have time add upright row (3) sets of 12-15

Note: You should be using a weight that you can do at least (12) reps with , but no more than (15), if
you can do more than increase the weight. Keep good form by doing slow steady movements to avoid
injury and get the most benefits.

Do some cardio on the weekend like riding a bike or going for a brisk walk.

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