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All tests are administered at The Local 38 Union Union Hall in the basement the first Thursday of every month from 2-4:30 p.m.


Mobile Medical 440-895-8358

You MUST have an authorization form and valid photo identification
to test at one of the facilities

Important Things To Know About Your Drug & Alcohol Program

On today’s construction jobs, Owners, General Contractors, and Developers are asking for Drug Free Workers. Almost all of the referral calls coming into the office today require a Drug Free Card. To enroll in our Drug Program, call Mobile Med Corp (MMC) at 440-895-8358 to set up an appointment at their office or at one of the approved collection facilities close to your home. If you do not take a call that requires a drug card it is your responsibility to keep your card current and not to miss an annual or a random test.

If you’re working for a contractor and you miss a random or annual drug test, the contractor will be notified by e-mail that you no longer have a valid drug card. Without a valid drug card you would be in the first violation of the drug policy and ineligible to work under the Drug Program. To be eligible to return to work, you must participate in a Substance Abuse Education / Treatment Program and provide a negative return-to-duty test. Under the drug policy you are responsible for the cost of return-to-duty tests.

In order to easily identify Drug Program notifications, all communications from MMC will be emailed to you as well as mailed in an IBEW Local 38 envelope, and will be marked with a “Random” or “Annual” stamp. To ensure that you receive all of the Annual and Random notifications, it is important that the Union Hall has your current email address, mailing address and phone number.

If you are required to take a post-accident test you must first notify MMC. They will schedule a test at either the medical center that you’re receiving treatment from or will send you to one of their Approved Collection Facilities. This test is only required if the contractor that you are working for asks for a post-accident test.

If you have any questions please call Ed Tuma or Eileen Ponting at the Union Office at 216-621-3090. You may also email Ed Tuma at or Eileen Ponting at

When a worker is impaired by the use of drugs and alcohol, he or she threatens the safety and well-being of everyone at a worksite. Do your part to protect workplace safety.

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